Growing Little Minds at Home

Our program is for children between one to five, who's parents are at work, while their kids eat, sleep, play and grow at home.


We bring the best early child care into your home, so you can relax when you are out. Our educators visit your family Monday-Fridays, for 9 hours. And another 5 hours on Saturdays.


Our Educators

All our Early Years Educators (Eye's) are young ambicious woman who seek a career as early child specialist. They are carefully chosen on character and regiously trained on skill.


  • Love for children
  • Optimistic
  • Polite


  • Creative Play and Story Telling
  • First Aid and Calling an Ambulance
  • Healthy Meal Preparations

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Build a Strong Foundation

All children are born with immense potential. Quality early learning helps them to realize that potential and build a strong foundation for later learning and for life.

Early Experiences Matter Most

This graph of Harvards' School of the Developing Child, shows that the brains ability to change, dramatically drops in the first years of life. That means, if we fail to create the experiences that are necessary to built a strong foundation during those golden early years, the child will probably never reach it full potential.

James Heckman won the noble prize for showing that the Return of Investment (ROI) in Education is the highest during the first 3 years of life. His research shows that high-quality early childhood education provides a ROI of 13%.

Childrens' Brain Development

What children experience in the first years, set's the foundation of their entire life. If stimulated, the developing brain develops the foundation for motor-skills, vision, behaviour, memory, language and emotional intelligence.

If a child lacks stimulation of one of these areas, it will have trouble to catch up. Watch our Research on Early Childhood Development